PAPER/PLATES is a blog for readers and eaters.

Our idea of indulgence is a good book and a satisfying meal. 

Turn to us for menu ideas for your next book club meeting and inspiration from creative people in the food and literary worlds. We share your hunger for literary recipes.

Nice to meet you.

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I'm Amina Elahi, and I started PAPER/PLATES in 2012. By day, I'm a business journalist in Chicago who covers startups and innovation.

PAPER/PLATES is my side gig. It's where I explore my passions for literature and food, and it gives me a way to challenge myself in how I approach my experiences in reading and cooking.

Some of my favorite books connect me back to my Pakistani-American heritage, and many of my most loved foods do as well. But I also try to explore the world and other cultures through their writing and cuisine. How else would I have learned so much about Kyung-Sook Shin or beef manti?

I look forward to discovering great reads and eats and, through them, learning more about the world and other people. Most of all, I look forward to sharing what I find with you.

Thanks for noticing.

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