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#Reading on Instagram + A Message

#Reading on Instagram + A Message

I recently searched the #reading tag on Instagram, just to see what I would find. Instagrams are interesting because they show you not only what someone is reading but where and, of particular interest to me, with what. You see, readers on Instagram are a lot like you and me in a ton of ways. Obviously, they like to read. Also, they like to share their reading choices. And finally, they like to eat and drink while they read. One evening, while I was sucked through the endless scroll of the 'gram, double-tapping away at dozens of pictures of books with food and drink, I realized I was starting to see patterns. So, without further ado, here are the results of my highly unscientific study of Instagrammers who use the #reading hashtag (and have public profiles):

  1. they are mostly female
  2. they read in public. A lot
  3. some of their favorite public reading places are coffee shops. No surprise, Starbucks is a frequent location
  4. when they read at home, they often do so in a bubble bath. (Who are these people? I want their lives!)
  5. more often than not, it's a drink that accompanies their book, and that's usually coffee
  6. while few read during meals, they often do while snacking
  7. young adult literature and romance novels (hello, Nicholas Sparks!) are really popular among this crowd
  8. #reading encompasses novels, magazines and textbooks, in digital and traditional forms

Surprising? Maybe not. But it is cool to see how people define reading and how they choose to share it. Here are some of my favorites (click each to see it big):

Book and cookie

What does #reading mean to you?

AND NOW, A MESSAGE As you may have heard, Google announced yesterday that it would be closing down its RSS reader, Google Reader, on July 1. For blogs like ours, this isn't good news – many of our readers follow our posts using that service.

That's why I wanted to let you know all the other ways you can follow PAPER/PLATES, even after Reader peaces out.

  • Social media: Twitter and Facebook
  • Bloglovin: one of my absolute favorite ways to follow blogs in one place
  • Other RSS readers like Feedly
  • Email alerts, which you can sign up for by entering your email address in the field in the left rail

Lindsay from

Love and Olive Oil

wrote a great post on

transitioning your Google Reader

feeds over to Bloglovin and Feedly. Check it out and transfer your feeds today!



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