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Eat Your Words: Genre and Vegan

Eat Your Words: Genre and Vegan

Eat your words

Devouring books and crafting meals is great – but sounding smart while you do it is even better. That’s why we’re teaching you to eat your words. In this weekly guide, we introduce one literary device (PAPER) and one culinary term (PLATES) everyone should know.


Genre (noun): a category of literature defined by shared characteristics.

Example: Broad examples of genre are poetry, drama and fiction, but the delineations don't end there. Genres can be further broken into subgenres, such as mystery, romance and tragedy. Caryn posits in her recommendation of A Natural History of Dragons that the book is a genre-crosser. That is, it could fall into both the Victorian and the fantasy categories. Such crossovers are atypical but often loved for their creative way of melding two styles.


Vegan (noun): a person adhering to a diet free of animal products; also refers to the diet itself.

Example: This week, Caryn saluted alternative lifestyles by making a vegan cashew alfredo sauce. What made it vegan was its omission of any animals products. The Vegan Society offers the following list, which outlines products vegans do not consume:

  • "No meat, fish nor other products that come directly from killing an animal, such as animal fats and gelatine.
  • No dairy products such as cows milk, cheese and yoghurt; nor goats milk.
  • No eggs nor foods containing eggs such as Quorn.
  • No honey."
Many vegans extend this philosophy to other aspects of life, refraining from using animal products such as leather, as well. In addition to the alfredo sauce, PAPER/PLATES has featured other vegan recipes such as apricot, ginger and date breakfast bars, and mango pomegranate "murder" salsa (in which substituting agave nectar for honey makes it vegan).

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Sources: Literary Terms and Definitions | Vegan Society

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