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My Favorite Blogs for Inspiration

My Favorite Blogs for Inspiration

Writer's Block

Sometimes I get writer's block. The kind that wipes my mind blank and sends me into the depths of the Internet. The sort of writer's block that can only be overcome with an inspirational spark. While Pinterest is fun to turn to, it's really blogs that get me thinking again. Here are some of my favorite blogs for inspiration, day after day (even when the words are flowing just fine): [Note: I track these awesome sites using Bloglovin'. If you're a fellow user, I'd love it if you'd add PAPER/PLATES to your feed! Click here to follow.]

Eat This Poem — Blogger Nicole Gulotta is a woman after my own heart. With an approachable take on poetry and beautiful, simple recipes to go along with it, I can't get enough of this blog. Bonus: Nicole created Food Bloggers Against Hunger. She rocks.

Bucket of Squash — Design, food, typography. Rashi Birla is a graphic designer and. Her blog posts are thoughtful and creative, and I love the way she walks the reader through her thought process. Sometimes riding shotgun to another's ideas is a great way to conceive some of your own.

David Lebovitz — If you claim to be a fan of food blogs and you don't read David Lebovitz (or follow him on Instagram, for that matter), I can't talk to you anymore.

Joy the Baker — Joy Wilson's blog features gorgeous photography and wildly creative recipes (deep-fried guacamole, anyone?!), plus she writes with such ease, you'd think you were hanging out in her kitchen. I envy and enjoy that voice.

My SoCal'd Life— Confession: I sort of know blogger Archana Ram in real life. Even if I didn't, I'd love her blog. It's honest and unabashed (how awesome is she for posting pictures of herself with a hair towel on?), and it makes me want to get outside. For someone who's comfort zone fits comfortably within my 13" MacBook screen, that's a big deal.

The Everygirl  — Another one of those sites I came across through a personal connection (sort of). Editor Alaina Kaczmarski ran my high school newspaper when I was a sophomore. Today, she and Danielle Moss have turned their site into a mecca of fashion, career and life advice for girls of all ages.

The Aerogram — This site offers intelligent, thought-provoking conversation about South Asian culture and news. Founded by three Sepia Mutiny alumni, The Aerogram is fast becoming a daily read for its compelling and unusual stories.

The Rumpus — Book reviews, author interviews and original short stories and essays are all part of what makes The Rumpus a great destination for book lovers. More than once, I've gotten mid-morning teary while reading a Rumpus post. Plus, they have a book club!

Tell me: What blogs do you turn to for inspiration? Share away in the comments!

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