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The TBR List: August 16

This week's TBR List is brought to you by coffee makers and coffee shop etiquette.

- Get to know my favorite anthropomorphized coffee maker: Mr. Coffee! Who didn't grow up with one of these?

- Bon Appetit's list of the year's best new restaurants is out. Anyone want to check out Chicago's Fat Rice with me?

- There's an interesting discussion going on at The Amateur Gourmet about "squatting" in coffee shops. For so many of us remote workers, the shop environment is enticing, but is a medium coffee and a croissant a fair exchange for four hours of work (and space)? I struggle with this a lot, as I enjoy the environment but don't always want to throw down $20 for a place to work for a day.

- You may not believe who the world's top earning author is.

- Oh lawd, another Dave Eggers novel, oh lawd. You know I feel about him.

- If you're a guacamole lover, you probably wish you could make it ahead sometimes. This tip will keep your guac green overnight.

- The awesome people over at The Kitchn were nice enough to choose one of our Instagrams as their pick of the week! (See it above.)

- Redditors are discussing which post-2000 novel will ultimately be considered a classic.

- As of this week, I'm obsessed with the Joy the Baker podcast featuring Tracy Shutterbean. For the love of all that's holy, start subscribing today.

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