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Introducing "Bookmarked"

Say hello to Bookmarked. In this weekly series, I'll be bookmarking things I covet while also sharing alternatives I can actually attain in the meantime. This is the lounge edition.


Well, the summer has started packing up its late nights and light beers, and autumn is tapping us on the shoulder with crunchy leaves and premature Christmas sales. I am thrilled about this. As much as I love overbooked weekends, weddings, beach volleyball, and, (did I mention?) weddings, I'm exhausted. I want a cup of tea (a non-alcoholic beverage, shocking!) and some stretchy clothing. But I'm still not ready to give up the glamor of summer for the frumpiness of winter, so I've been trying to find ways to combine lounging and a semblance of style.

Luckily designer Emily Henderson has provided a solution for us. She combined pretty much a million awesome things by designing a room around an indoor hammock. An indoor hammock! Beauty meets whimsy, fun meets function! I am determined to have a setup like this all of my own. 

But, unfortunately, cozy urban pads (read: big in style, small in square footage) do not lend themselves to big impractical seating. So until I can achieve that particular dream, I’ll continue binging on Society6 throw pillows. They are affordable, unique, mix-and-matchable, and you can choose from countless designs from many different artists. These will make your favorite reading nook more stylish and comfortable than ever before!

What do you think — am I nuts, or do you love the idea of hanging a hammock indoors?  Should I stick with the pillow?

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