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Bookmarked: Date Night Edition

Welcome back to Bookmarked. In this weekly series, I bookmark things I covet while sharing alternatives I can actually attain in the meantime. This is the date night edition. 


Somehow I lucked into finding a guy who's up for fun any day of the week. A lot of couples will save date night for Fridays or Saturdays, but we have a habit of going on adventures on Tuesdays, Thursdays — whenever they happen! Our lack of rigidity (or maybe excessive frivolity...sometimes work morning are rough) has a happy side effect: we can get into the hottest restaurants in town at strange times with a much better chance of getting a table. In foodie-obsessed Chicago, you often have to nab reservations way in advance if you'd like to eat at prime time. For us, it works much better to make a running list of restaurants that sound awesome and go at a moment's notice, often grabbing a casual seat at the bar. 

Next on my spontaneous-fun list is La Sirena Clandestina, a reportedly fabulous Brazilian joint in Fulton Market, Chicago. (Yelp reviewers love this place.) The food and ambiance both sound ridiculously sexy — we’re talking mood music, warm industrial décor, and a casual dress code where you can look effortless-chic in low lighting.

But until we make it there, I’ll be honing my mixology skills with some seductive pisco cocktails. All it takes is mixing equal parts pisco and Riesling, a splash of simple syrup and lemon juice, and muddling in some seedless white grapes. Let’s grab a glass and blast the rumba!

Have any of you experimented with pisco? How'd it go? Share your recipes below!

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