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The TBR List: October 25

The TBR List: October 25

Baked Chicken Legs

This week's TBR List is brought to you by bloggers, because we are the best — no matter what Martha says.

- In August, I modeled for a feature about autumn picnics for The Urbaness. It came out this week — check it out!

- My beloved mandolin broke this week. I'm going to re-buy the exact same one because I love the handle and that it can julienne, too. 

- David Sedaris wrote about how his adult sister's suicide affected his family in the New Yorker this week. It's worth reading.

- Yesterday was Food Day, a celebration of moving toward a more healthy, sustainable and affordable future. Test your food literacy — you'll probably learn something.

- I think you guys know how I feel about Dave Eggers. This writer says he needs to abstain from writing about sex.

- Apparently Martha Stewart dissed bloggers for not being as good as Vogue editors. Rude. And wrong.

- BTW, I added PAPER/PLATES to Google+. I hear this is good for Google karma. Add us, would you?

- Burt's Bees turns classic literature into Vines. My favorite: Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

- These women are ex-ci-ted about reading.

Samantha Irby’s “Meaty” & Four-Hour Bolognese Sauce

Samantha Irby’s “Meaty” & Four-Hour Bolognese Sauce

When Leaves Fall

When Leaves Fall