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Bookmarked: Ambiance Edition

Welcome back to Bookmarked. In this weekly series, I bookmark things I covet while sharing alternatives I can actually attain in the meantime. This is the ambiance edition.

Bookmarked: Ambiance Edition

A good dinner means good food. A great dinner means good food and that certain je ne sais quoi we like to call ambiance. The table setting, the seating, the lights, the music…it’s a lot to orchestrate. Most nights, you and I probably don’t have the mental energy to focus on every detail, but occasionally it’s awesome to go all out and create an extravaganza.

I missed the Sofia Coppola Marie Antoinette train when it was released back in 2006, and now it’s on my list — I know it got mixed reviews, but the food scenes will make it worth watching! I want to check it out, and then throw a crazy “Let Them Eat Cake” dinner party inspired by opulence, jewels, and delightful little bites. Everyone will be required to wear gowns (or at least up-dos). But, let’s be real, that sounds ridiculously involved…so we’ll add it to the Bookmarked list.

On the other hand, Spotify just released a new app called Supper. It basically does what we do, except by pairing music with food instead of books and food! You can pick one of their recipes and they provide you a playlist to use during prep time and also while feasting. It is absolutely divine. 

Tonight I'll be dancing away in my kitchen while I make dinner, neighbors be warned! 

What are your go-to tricks for making your dinner ambiance awesome?

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