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Bookmarked: Friendsgiving Edition

Welcome back to Bookmarked. In this weekly series, I bookmark things I covet while sharing alternatives I can actually attain in the meantime. This is the Friendsgiving edition.


In a couple weeks, two of my closest friends are visiting Chicago for a fun-filled holiday weekend. This season is typically all about family, so all of us have crazy schedules trying to visit our own clans (and often significant others’ families, too). But don’t you ever wish you could lavish the same time and attention on friends? There’s something simultaneously freeing and emotional about throwing friends-only soirees.

When Claire and Sebastian visit next month, I wish I could throw them a proper Friendsgiving. I want to wear a festive apron, roast a cranberry-stuffed chicken, and spend hours polishing the silver. I want place cards, prosciutto-wrapped dates, and a soufflé for each beaming guest. I want Pinterest to blush because I'm making her so proud. Unfortunately, if I host this kind of feast I won't have a chance to actually spend any time with my friends.

Whirlwind visits provide a special kind of challenge — we want to heap as much culinary love on our pals as possible, while also maximizing quality bonding time. My way to keep up is making as many delicious, low-maintenance snacks in advance as possible. I’m already scheming up some festive but easy dips inspired by Cooking Light— just mix equal parts Greek yogurt and light sour cream and add any flavors you dream up! I’m thinking one savory dip (grilled red onion and smoked salmon) and one sweet (hazelnut and toffee or banana). 

What are your clever entertaining shortcuts?

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