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At The Table With...Kit Graham of The Kittchen

Kit Graham The Kittchen

Today we're cheesin' with Kit Graham, the 30-year-old Chicago blogger behind recipe site The Kittchen. This inventive cook provides original and practical recipes and restaurant reviews on her cheerful site, but that's not all. She is also a cookbook author, having just published The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Cookbook. If that weren't enough, Kit is also the co-founder of the brand new Second City Food Wine and Social Club. I had the pleasure of sampling Kit's food at a shoot for The Urbaness this summer and I can say firsthand that it was delicious. 

Read on to get to know Kit!

What is your all-time favorite book?

This is a very challenging question. I must say that I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. I love how clever the storytelling is.

What meal do you love to cook? 

As a food blogger, I love to cook just about anything. I get really into baking Christmas cookies. I like to make about 10 different colors of frosting and I spend hours decorating them. This drove my father nuts when I was a kid, but I love turning food into art.

What is your favorite food scene from a book?

When Charlie gets the golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I adore Roald Dahl books, and he tends to write about food in very interesting ways. Lots of his books have big food scenes. The chocolate cake in Matilda is great too.

Coffee or tea?

Tea. In the summer I drink iced black tea with a splash of lemonade. In the colder months I drink DavidsTea Cream of Earl Grey with a splash of milk.

What is the last book you abandoned?

I know that I just mentioned that I am a big J.K. Rowling fan, but I abandoned The Casual Vacancy

Author you'd most like to meet for dinner, and your order?

I would pick Tina Fey. We would go to Athenian Room and have the Roast Chicken and French Fries. I am a huge fan of Tina's and I happen to know that is one of her favorite meals. I thought Bossypants was hilarious and I love her TV writing. I desperately miss 30 Rock.

Where do you go to find new recipes? New reads?

I read lots of blogs and am so inspired by them! Food blogs are the best places to find fun new recipes or recipe ideas. I subscribe to Cooking Light and Food and Wine too. I also get ideas from Pinterest. I turn to my girlfriends for book recommendations, although I rarely find the time to read.

Tell us about your blog — the inspiration for it, your mission and what your favorite aspects are.

My blog was a birthday gift. My friends had seen the occasional food photos I posted on Facebook and were asking for recipes. So my friends and husband set up thekittchen.com. My goal is to share recipes that people can make with a limited budget and a limited amount of time. I like to create meals that are easy and elegant. I enjoy exploring American comfort food which inspired my cookbook, The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Cookbook. The Kittchen also has restaurant reviews since I love exploring the Chicago restaurant scene. 

What are your favorite blogs, and why?

Cedar and Rush, Caravan of Style, AASquared, ChiGalLauren, Living's Easy as 312, Windy City Epicurean, View from 5ft2, The Fox and She, Color Me Styled, The Garden Apt, Adrian Eats and The Everygirl. I love these blogs because they have great content and they are written by incredibly nice people! I host events for bloggers, and I try to read all of my friends' blogs — it is a lot of keep up with!

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