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8 Gift Ideas for Writers


It's time for part three of my holiday gift guide! This one features gift ideas for writers, that fickle-yet-determined bunch of individuals who would fight every obstacle to put words on paper. Whether your favorite writer calls his or her passion a career or simply dabbles when there's a free moment, he or she deserves encouragement and inspiration. As someone who writes for fun as well as for paychecks, every little boost I get brings me one step closer to defeating that terrible monster that lurks in most scribes' brains: writer's block. Here, I've put together some tidbits that would do wonders for my creativity. Consider bestowing them upon your favorite toiling wordsmith.

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1. Blackbird Letterpress Journal, $15 — Pick the most meaningful state and give them a place to jot down thoughts and ideas.

2. Kaweko Rollerball Pen Blue, $22 — What, were you thinking a sword would be better?

3. Anaïs Nin Inspirational Quote, from $18 — A gentle reminder of why writers do what they do that would look great hanging above a desk.

4. Jungle Creature Cup Set, $30.50 — If the caffeine doesn't deliver a wakeup call, these creatures sure will.

5. PENTAX Q7 Zoom Lens Kit, $499.95 — Give them a way to save all the moments words can't capture. Or to preserve scenes to be described later.

6. Sculpted Egg Timer, $24 — For the attention deficit among us, a beautiful way to say "I'll write for 10 more minutes before taking a break," and then actually do it.

7. Like and Dislike Stamps, $14 — Writers are fickle, remember? Indulge the passive aggression.

8. Softer Than Cashmere Plaid Scarf, $19.50 — We need brisk walks to clear the mind once in a while. This scarf is cute enough that it would encourage even the biggest homebody out into the open sometimes.

Fellow writers, what's on your wishlist this year?

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