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8 Last-Minute DIY Gifts for Food and Book Lovers


If you've waited this long to buy Christmas gifts, I have two words for you: Amazon. Prime. There's not much more help I can offer you beyond that. But if you're more interested in making presents than purchasing them, I've got some great last-minute DIY gifts rounded up for you. Many of these can be accomplished with items you may already have around your house, and none will take days to complete. There's nothing worse than taking on a project and having to wait days before it comes to fruition, am I right? Below are some of the best DIY gift ideas around the web. Click through for full tutorials and pictures (and don't be surprised if you get one of these from me in the future). And if you are in the buying mood, check out my guides for foodiesbookworms and writers, as well as my PAPER/PLATES Gift Guide 2013 Pinterest board.

1. Personalized mug | Supplies: blank mug, Sharpie markers or pens, oven preheated to 350° | Time: 45 minutes

2. Charm bookmark | Supplies: ribbon or fabric, charms, beads, needle and thread | Time: 15 minutes

3. Printable bookplate | Supplies: Adobe PhotoShop, label paper, pens, paper cutter | Time: 10 - 15 minutes

4. Dipped wooden spoons | Supplies: Plain wooden spoons, craft paint, high gloss food safe shellac, painter's tape | Time: Hours (to paint and dry)

5. Hand-stamped cloth napkins | Supplies: Napkins, stamp, fabric ink pad, iron | Time: 10 - 15 minutes

6. Terrarium bookends | Supplies: Preserved sheet moss, river rocks, jars | Time: 5 minutes

7. Aluminum utensil holder | Supplies: Decorative aluminum sheets, screws/washers/bolts, heavy duty scissors, gloves, basic glass vase, superfine sandpaper | Time: 1 hour

8. Book page votives | Supplies: Old book pages, scissors, mod podge, sponge brush, small jars | Time: 24 hours (includes drying time)

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At The Table With...Nazihah Adil Siddiqui of PAPER/PLATES

At The Table With...Nazihah Adil Siddiqui of PAPER/PLATES