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Bookmarked: The Escaping into Books Edition

Welcome back to Bookmarked. In this weekly series, I bookmark things I covet while sharing alternatives I can actually attain in the meantime. This is the escaping into books edition.


Здравствуйте, читатели! I lived in St. Petersburg, Russia, several years ago. Many of my experiences there were beautiful, some were terrifying, and often they felt random. I would stumble into wild adventures without quite knowing how it happened. One such adventure was a walking tour of Raskolnikov's Petersburg. There were many distractions on the tour — not the least of which was our guide, who broke into private residences and encouraged us to help her knock down doors — but the magic stuck with me. Walking the very same bridges Dostoevsky walked while birthing one of the world's most notorious characters made his work seem incredibly personal and real. 

Heading to Russia just to make Crime and Punishment more exciting may not be feasible (or appealing!) to most of you, but I strongly recommend planning a literary walk next time you're taking a trip! Spending a day checking out James Joyce's haunts in Dublin, Ireland, visiting the Mark Twain house in Hartford, CT, or even taking a weekend trip to Forks, WA, for Twilight fans can be a total hoot.

In the meantime, a "Read-In" is a more budget- and time- friendly staycation. The super-duper-wildly-official definition of a Read-In is a large block of time in which you and friends read together (usually, but not always, silently). You can read anything you want, can swap books, or all read the same thing. Snacks are pretty much mandatory, as are comfy clothes and an abundance of pillows. I've hung out in a tent during a Read-In and that was the best one ever (granted, I was 8 years old).

How far is too far?  Would you travel to visit a favorite literary scene, or book an entire Saturday for reading?

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