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The TBR List: January 17

Reading in bed

This week’s TBR List is brought to you by scary stories.

- The best time to drink coffee according to science. (Hint: not first thing in the morning.)

Harry Potter-inspired literary fashion. So you know what to wear to Herbology.

- Adam Roberts (AKA Amateur Gourmet) celebrated his 10 year blogging anniversary in fine form.

- IMPORTANT: How to eat a cupcake like a gentleman.

- This southwest kale salad with cumin ginger sage dressing looks like it wants to be my lunch next week.

- A lovely Japanese pop-up book featuring animals and their favorite foods. (Pizza! Noodles! Bento!)

- Chopsticks, reinvented.

- Last year, a lot of people read ebooks. But a lot more read physical books, and reading in general was up. YAY.

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