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The TBR List: January 24

shrimp and pea risotto

Happy Friday, friends! This week I realized that risotto is one of my favorite winter meals and that catching even a glimpse of a jewel-toned sunrise can change your day.

- I don't think there's any need to explain pizza waffles.

- If I had enough tools, I'd make DIY these faux gold bookends.

- Some brilliant person Upworthy'd classic book titles. Click through and you'll see what I mean.

- This minimalist bookshelf is number one on my list of furniture items for my dream apartment.

- Continuing with the work lunch theme from yesterday, some quick vegetarian pita lunches.

- I love a bright room, but these navy beauties are moody and breathtaking

- Patatas bravas! This recipe looks good, but you could always hit Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for an order instead.

- Not into taxidermy? Check out these origami animal heads.

- Retired Italian man run roving free library in countryside. *click*

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