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January 2014 Favorites

January favorites

Inspired by the beauty bloggers I so love to follow, I've decided to round up my favorite bits from the month. This includes, obviously, items that are literary or culinary in nature but also some outside that realm. Here are some of the goods that have made my month easier, better or more enjoyable as I kicked off a new year and started a new job. 

1. Quick and Nimble, $19.45 — I read this to review for work and ended up liking it more than expected. Business books can be dry, but this New York Times columnist did a great job synthesizing ideas and funneling them into lessons.

2. HP Pavilion 22 xi monitor, $163 — A high-performing desktop monitor that looks as good on as it does off. With Apple monitors costing over $1,000, this was a no-brainer and it's changed my home work setup dramatically.

3. IKEA 365+ Hjälte spatula, $3.99 — I'm in love with this impulse buy! It's offset, long enough to flip pancakes and wide enough to easily mix a big pot of fried rice.

4. Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Serum, $75 for 30 mL — Ignore the price tag. A little of this serum goes a long way and it's saved (enhanced, even) my skin this winter. 

5. Hemp Hand Protector, $20 for 3.3 fl oz — The one hand cream that's getting me through this awful, drying winter. The only problem is it smells nasty. I'll try the Almond Hand & Nail cream next.

6. Greenleaf Starlight Candle, $17 — This is the type of candle that makes people walk in and go, "Damn, your place smells good." It's really long-burning but smells great even unlit. Obsessed.

7. Rove Deluxe Tumbler, $8.99 — This has helped me increase my daily water intake more than anything else I've ever tried. It's convenient and sturdy, and it has an infuser basket. 

8. Earbags, ~$15 — Everyone teases me because I own something called "Earbags," but with temps regularly below zero I'm grateful for earmuffs that don't slip of my small head.

What were some of your favorite things this January?

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