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Bookmarked: The Ambitious Breakfast Edition

Welcome back to Bookmarked. In this weekly series, I bookmark things I covet while sharing alternatives I can actually attain in the meantime. This is the ambitious breakfast edition.


Readers, you all know that I usually skew towards the semi-domestic, but the past month or so I’ve been really feeling it. Lately all I want is to be Superhero-Queen of the Castle-Domestic Goddess- Bosslady. I’ve been crafting (well, I had to take a break after slicing open my finger….), I’ve been crocheting (but I had to take a break after running out of yarn…), I’ve been cooking and cleaning and even ironing (but I have to watch Chopped reruns while I do it)! Read between the lines and you can tell that my ambition may be greater than my resources right now. Still, I plan on riding this exciting wave of overconfidence, and trying things I never would have tried a month ago. Next up: a soufflé! While watching Chopped (and haphazardly ironing), you’re bound to hear oohs and aahs over the extreme difficulty and ballsiness of a soufflé. It seems totally out of my skill-range, but trying is half the battle, right? An upcoming weekend, I’d love to test out this cheesy breakfast soufflé, and maybe serve it with fruit and a side of bacon.

It’s extremely possible that my soufflé will be a total disaster. But I think my hankering for domesticity is a lot more about the process than the result. Truisms exist for a reason, and cooking really is both labor and love. A few of my nearest and dearest have been going through some stresses lately, and showering them with warm things out of the oven makes me feel like I’m easing the pain a tiny bit. Putting some serious work into a dish — time, sweat, failure — is what makes it feel like we’re truly expressing something special. That said, it’s good to have a back-up plan for things like time shortages, bitterly cold work mornings, and fallen soufflés. The other night, I was perusing the lovely Melissa Coleman’s blog, The Fauxmartha, and discovered her amazing Baked Oatmeal to Go. It’s healthy, delicious, convenient, foolproof, and stuffed with love and comfort. I’ve been taking one to work every morning, and sending one with Boyfriend-Roommate too!

What are your favorite domestic gifts to shower on friends and family? 

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