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At The Table With...Grace Rusch of The Sunday Table


Today we're pulling up a chair for 24-year-old Grace Rusch, the Berkeley-based blogger behind The Sunday Table. Have you ever looked at a blog and thought, "I need a seat at that kitchen table"? That's how I feel when I peruse The Sunday Table. The blog  is full of welcoming recipes that follow Grace's mainly gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based diet. But I get the feeling that many of the recipes could  be adapted for those who are looser with their own dietary choices. Today, Grace is training to become a holistic nutrition consultant. She says, "I feel that diet is an individualized perfect balance between food that makes us happy and food that makes us healthy." I couldn't agree more.

Read on to get to know Grace!

What is your all-time favorite book?

While I'm not sure what my all-time favorite book is, a recent favorite that comes to mind is Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed. The letters are so beautiful and gut-wrenchingly real. Her responses are not only insightful and inspirational but blatantly honest.

What meal do you love to cook?

I love to make breakfast. Some of my favorites are breakfast tacos, scrambled eggs packed with vegetables, pumpkin pancakes, cinnamon raisin oatmeal, coconut hemp granola with almond milk, or green smoothie bowls.

What is your favorite food scene from a book?

While there are many within Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I especially like the way she describes getting ready for the big birthday party in May. Hosting the party over Memorial Day weekend so out of town guests can join in and building the menu based solely on what her local friends and fellow farmers had to offer. I love that sense of community! "Some of us were in fact sticking our fingers into the rhubarb-crisp pans to lick up crumbs when the music started. The three-year-olds were the first ones out on the dance floor, of course, followed closely by my seventy-five-year-old parents, the teenagers and the elders and the middle-aged, recklessly dancing across age categories." What an amazing party that must have been. 

Coffee or tea?

Tea. Rooibos Chai, spicy not sweet, with almond milk.

What is the last book you abandoned?

Tinkers by Paul Harding. I got too caught up in reading nutrition books for school that I couldn't finish it. I plan to once I'm done with school. 

Author you’d most like to meet for dinner, and your order? 

I'd like to share a meal with Nora Ephron, only I imagine it would be brunch with big waffles towering with fresh berries and maple syrup. 

Where do you go to find new recipes? New reads?

Most of the recipes I make lately come from other blogs. I do own a fair number of cookbooks, all of which I should use more often. I've started to tear the pages out of magazines and organize them into a binder but they just live in the binder yet to be looked at again. Sometimes I call my grandma for a recipe from my youth and re-create it into a healthier version.

A lot of the books on my reading wish list were recommended to me by my nutrition teachers. Aside from those I look to Goodreads, Oprah's recommendations, and to other bloggers who mention good books in their posts or on social media. 

Tell us about your blog — the inspiration for it, why you blog, and what your favorite aspects are. 

I started my blog as a creative outlet to explore photography and writing. It's a food blog because I wanted to share my passion for holistic wellness and nutrition. Having some dietary restrictions myself, I wanted to create a space where people could get inspiration for wholesome food as they adjust to more restrictive diets.  I want to show that making truly nourishing food doesn't have to be difficult and that it can actually taste good.

What are your favorite blogs, and why?

There are so many but to mention a few -- Cookie and Kate, Happyolks, Sprouted Kitchen, The Year In Food, The Fauxmartha, The First Mess, Naturally Ella, Green Kitchen Stories, Oh, Ladycakes, Seven Spoons, Delightful Crumb, My New Roots.

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