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On Scheduling

Stepping away from the desk

In this first month at my new job, I've been struggling to get used to my new schedule and that has meant rearranging priorities somewhat. Unfortunately, reading has taken the backseat to boring things like laundry, making lunch and — oh yeah — sleeping.

That's understandable. But since I find tucking into a book is so relaxing, I'm not willing to let life get in the way of my enjoyment.

I've been coping with this by scheduling time to read. Sometimes I wake up early and sneak in a chapter. Or, as in the picture above, I'll step away from my computer for a little while to eat and read. Research shows that eating at your desk is bad for you, so I figure I'm killing two birds with one stone.

On weekends, I settle in for marathon reading sessions whenever I can. I especially like doing this under my favorite blanket. These days, nothing feels more like me time than a few hours spent this way. If I've got some milk chocolate covered toffee popcorn from Trader Joe's by my side, there's nothing better. 

I'm slowly re-learning something I'd completely forgotten in my year and a half of freelancing and working from home: There's always life shit to do. It's okay to sometimes prioritize things that make you happy over the things you can't avoid. 

How do you fit time into your busy schedule for the hobbies or moments that help you relax?

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