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Bookmarked: The Olympics Edition

Welcome back to Bookmarked. In this weekly series, I bookmark things I covet while sharing alternatives I can actually attain in the meantime. This is the Olympics edition.


It's Olympic fever time. About halfway through these Winter Games, I'm still not tired of parking in front of the television and screaming, crying, and rooting my little heart out (sometimes I'm just rooting for my favorite uniforms or names, but that's okay, right?). And I'm not ready for the Olympics to be over, are you?  Today we'll plan ways to prolong the glory of the games, even after the official sporting has concluded. 

First way to extend your Olympic fanship: read about old-timey heroes! In April, former Olympian Dean Smith will publish a memoir about his truly fascinating life. Smith is a gold-medal winner (thanks to the 400-meter relay at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics), but for most of his life he was a stuntman in cowboy films. He's hobnobbed with first ladies and movie stars, all while remaining charming, humble, humorous, and totally taken with his adoring wife. Read more in this great article from the New York Times. It doesn't seem like it will be a very intellectual read, but I'm still eager for his first book to come out. 

Until then, let's ignore our mothers' admonishments and play with our food! When the Olympic games are over, we can still have our own competitions at the table. Try having five mini-dishes for a meal, and designing your own competitions with friends. Here are some possible additions to your menu of victory (please don't tell your mom you got it from me):

Appetizer: Assemble a yummy cheese and grape plate. Prop up a cookie tray on top of your cookbooks, so it forms a ramp. Race your grapes down the ramp against the other players'. No pushing! The cheese is just for snacking. (Yes, in this photo I am racing my boyfriend. I won, thank you very much.)

Dessert: Buy or make any kind of cookie that is shaped like a ring. Place a cookie on your finger, and see how many bites you can take around the ring before it falls off (we used to play this as kids).  

Tell me your favorite Olympic sport in real life or at the dinner table... ready, set, go!

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