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The TBR List: February 28


This godforsaken month is nearly at its end. HOORAY!

- A new site imagines people as extensions of books — literally.

- Simple pasta dishes. Busy people live for lists like these.

- Every spring I get the DIY itch. This year (maybe in June, when the weather finally warms up) I'll try these, for the kitchen.

- Make your own hot sauce, people! 

- I don't normally share my professional work, but this story is a good one: A tech panel of all men, aimed at women. So how did that go?

- A phone call with B.J. Novak. Check back here for my review on Monday.

- Marble in the home. I personally love it in the kitchen. Swoon.

- Your favorite literary characters may (and possibly should) by the ones you aren't like you.

- Don't forget to enter to win tickets to the Good Food Festival in Chicago on March 15!

B.J. Novak's "One More Thing" & Raspberry Tart

February 2014 Favorites