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Making Changes

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Change is afoot. Actually, a foot is a foot, but change is coming to this site.

As many of you know, I started a full time job in January. It's a dream job, really. It's challenging and stimulating — but also time-consuming. Not complaining, just being honest.

When I was a freelancer, I devoted a lot of time to PAPER/PLATES and the truth is I have fewer available hours now. Sometimes it feels like my posts are there just because I need to get something up, not necessarily because they're good or even what I want to be posting. 

My talented contributors are carrying this ship with their thoughtful and beautiful book and recipe pairings. I can't wait to build on our growing compendium of book recommendations and inspired recipes. While their posts are excellent, I am struggling to maintain the same quality throughout the rest of the week.

This is all to say that we will be scaling back our posting schedule. We're dropping from five posts a week to three in the hopes that we'll be able to produce fewer, better posts. We'll stick to pairings on Mondays, At The Table With interviews on Wednesdays and beefed-up TBR Lists on Fridays.

Although I'm getting busier, PAPER/PLATES is precious to me because it's where I share my passions and express myself creatively. I hope to do that better and better, and to give you reasons to keep coming back. If you have suggestions for improvements or ideas for content you'd like to see from us in the future, please leave a comment or shoot me an email

Thanks so much for reading PAPER/PLATES. Yes, this blog is about exploring my own interests, but it's also about sharing them with people like you. 

Love, Amina

PS: To ease you out of the five-a-week schedule, we'll be running four posts next week, including a special foodie giveaway on Tuesday! Don't forget to check back for that.

The TBR List: March 28

The TBR List: March 28

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