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The TBR List: March 28

The TBR List: March 28

Benjamin Moore Dove Wing

Coming back from a few days off always leaves you scrambling to catch up and this week was no exception. That said, I'm so happy with how our hard work paid off. You can peep our new paint color above. I wouldn't do this every year, but there's certainly something to be said for reinventing your space in anticipation of a new season. (Note that I didn't say "at the beginning of a new season.")

This weekend, I'm carving out some time to spend with my sisters — I missed the littlest one's 16th last weekend because I'm the worst — and doing taxes. Not at the same time. These days, I'm reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I put off picking up this book for this long because I'd heard so many conflicting things about it. My friends, in particular, seemed to share my impression that Sandberg doles out advice that ladies of our age (and, let's be honest, level of education) don't need. The book hasn't exactly grabbed me yet, but I'll work through it and try to glean some lessons. Have you read Lean In? What are your thoughts on it?

Onto this week's list!

- It's hard to always buy organic, but these are the 10 foods you should aim for.

- Apparently everyone in the world is in a book club. Should we start ours back up?

- The worst news is that DailyCandy is being shuttered next week. I'll be sad to see the site go, and not just because the Chicago editors, Emily and Jourdan, were so kind to us. All the best to you, ladies.

- Beautiful public libraries from across America. 

- This is sort of dangerous: Bookish iPhone games.

- Hilarious parody of Lorde's "Royals" calls out typecasting in Hollywood. It could also apply to the literary world.

- “You filled me with the wild desire to know everything about life.”

- This video takes food porn to the next level.

- I hear free bread at restaurants is going away. I want everyone to know I think that's Bad.

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