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The TBR List: April 11

Rental House Bookshelf

Sometimes, you've just got to get away. I spent a weekend with some friends in rural Minnesota last weekend. We rented a little farmhouse and made plans to cook and cuddle. I never expected to walk in and find a bookshelf like this one. There was quite a mix of novels, cookbooks, business books and biographies. The Mad Men and 30 Rock DVDs were also a nice touch. I wonder how long the homeowners took to build this collection.

This was my first experience with an Airbnb and from the moment we walked in, it was obvious this was going to be different than the typical hotel stay. The multiple bedrooms, large eat-in kitchen and aforementioned mini library — it's so strange how comfortable it felt settling into another person's house.

Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb? Did you like it?

Now for the LINKS.

- PAPER/PLATES is the featured blog over at POPSUGAR Food this week. Honored!

- "Is everything more delicious when you eat with your hands?" This Pakistani votes yes.

- All bookstores should come with cats.

- Trying not to be offended about PAPER/PLATES not making this list of recipes for bookworms.

- I just bought this book because I am a raging plant lady.

- The story of how the Slurpee was invented is fascinating.

- Yelp now lets you search with emojis! [hamburger] [ramen] [ice cream]

- This is old but I just discovered it: What the average human will look like in 2050. (Hint: Otherwordly)

- I think it's finally time for this: The complete guide to iced coffee.

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