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The TBR List: April 18

The TBR List: April 18

The Bean April 2014

Someday I'll stop talking about the weather in Chicago. Promise. Last Saturday, we walked down to Millennium Park and noshed on chocolate and hazelnut gelato and people watched near the iconic sculpture someone actually thought should be named "Cloud Gate." Chump. The Bean it always has been, and The Bean it always shall be.

Fast forward to Monday when we experienced a sudden, 40º drop in temperatures and all came down with head colds. I took my first sick day in a long time and spent all of Wednesday sleeping. It was part awful, part glorious. I tried not to feel too guilty about staying home from work. 

Temps are creeping back up today and hopefully it'll be smooth sailing from here. Personally,  I'm ready to get barbecue season going...

And now, the links:

- This week, we saw an Asian-American win the Pulitzer Prize for poetry for the first time! Not only that, Donna Tartt won the fiction prize for her colossus, The Goldfinch.

- I should probably make sure my fridge is running as efficiently as possible.

- PAPER/PLATES has some awesome followers. Can't tell you how many people tweeted this to me this week. Fictitious Dishes looks like a book I need to own.

Gabriel García Márquez passed away at the age of 87 on Thursday.

- My oh my, this is a prettyprettypretty desk.

- This hard-boiled egg peeling technique is mind-blowing. Best use of Instagram video to date, in my book.

- Plant breeders are creating "open source seeds." Take that, Monsanto!

- Speaking of plants, I want to make these DIY copper hanging planters. Who wants to craft with me?

- The Gone Girl trailer is out. (You can also read our review of the Gillian Flynn novel.) I like Ben Affleck as Nick. 

PS: I need a Passover-friendly recipe for a potluck baby shower on Sunday. Any suggestions? 

PPS: Best wishes to all celebrating Easter and/or Passover and/or the lovely weather this weekend!

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