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The TBR List: April 25

The TBR List: April 25


I've been thinking a lot about sleep this week. It started with an opportunity to interview Arianna Huffington about her new book, ThriveSkeptical as I was, I found her ideas to be on the right track, if nothing else. Her goal with this book — which is quite good for the self-help/business/celebrity genre — is to share tips for avoiding burnout. The number one rule? Get enough sleep. She also recommends activities such as exercising, meditating, and volunteering.

Huffington argues taking care of your mental and physical states is a "performance enhancing tool." Whether that's expressly true, I'm not sure. I have been going to sleep earlier and found it's been easier to wake up before 7 a.m. (one of my biggest struggles). Duh, but I wasn't doing it before. I paid the gym in my building two visits this week, too, which is two more than I've done in quite a while. Huffington doesn't get the credit for that; I'll just call the timing a happy coincidence.

I haven't started keeping my phone out of my bedroom like she does because I'm too addicted. 

Oops. Baby steps.

And now, the links!

- I'm very excited about my latest cookbook, Love Your Leftovers by Nick Evans. I won it in a giveaway by Shanna Mallon.

- Here's my interview with Arianna Huffington.

- Krispy Kreme Japan is debuting doughnut sundaes. BRB, buying a one-way ticket to the land of the rising sun.

- Repeat after me: It's okay if you can't always make everything from scratch.

- This quote struck me.

- Proud to live in a city whose library wins awards for innovation.

- I'll be reviewing Teju Cole's latest novel on Monday. His Twitter is a personal favorite.

- I just found out Le Pain Quotidien is coming to Chicago. My D.C. friends tell me I should be very excited.

- "It's remarkable that an unlikable woman is nasty and awful & an unlikeable man is an anti-hero." Gillian Flynn

PS: I'm thinking of bringing the virtual book club back. Get ready.  

Teju Cole's "Every Day is for the Thief" & Daal with Tomatoes

Teju Cole's "Every Day is for the Thief" & Daal with Tomatoes

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