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At The Table With...Sarah Sheikh Bridge of Delicious Chip

At The Table With...Sarah Sheikh Bridge of Delicious Chip

Today we're hanging out with Sarah Sheikh Bridge, the Los Angeles-based food blogger behind the bright and cheery site Delicious Chip. I feel so at home reading Sarah's blog. Like me, her heritage is Pakistani, so some of her recipes are familiar and comforting. Sarah also features her dining out adventures from her city, as well as her travels. In one post, she writes about some goats she met in Maui. Goats! I love it. Delicious Chip is a slice of life, and I can't wait to see how it grows.

Read on to get to know Sarah!

What is your all-time favorite book?

That's a tough one! It's like asking a parent who their favorite child is. If I had to pick one, it would be Haruki Murakami's Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I love that the book is split between two distinct voices and the theme deals with the separation between our right and left brains. I think artists are always trying to reconcile these two sides — the creative right brain and the logical left brain telling us to be responsible, get a job with a 401k and not do silly things like major in film. (I majored in film, hah.) I also love Murakami's descriptions — they're beautiful and surreal.

What meal do you love to cook?

I love roasting a spatchcocked chicken. It takes very little prep, it's much healthier than frying and I love the way our home smells during that last half hour of cooking. Tamar Adler's An Everlasting Meal really inspired me to try to use every part of an ingredient, so I like to make a broth out of the backbone while the chicken is in the oven. Plus, it's fun to say spatchcocked.

What is your favorite food scene from a book?

There's a moment in Alice in Wonderland when Alice leaves the Hatter's tea party in a huff, looks back and sees the Hatter and March Hare stuffing the poor Dormouse into a teapot. That part used to crack me up as a child because it was so random and adorable. Even though almost everything that happens in Wonderland is random, for some reason it was that moment in the book that made me ask, "Why?" 

Coffee or tea?

Most definitely tea! I'm Pakistani, so my family is all about chai. Going somewhere? Better drink some chai. Just got back? Have some chai. I also got my husband into drinking tea when he was weaning himself off of coffee. We're big PG Tips people. 

What is the last book you abandoned?

Cataclysm by Don Pendleton. I love science fiction, but this one felt super dated. Plus, the writing didn't really pull me in, so I put it aside.

Author you'd most like to meet for dinner, and your order?

Anthony Bourdain, hands down. He's probably one of the coolest people on this planet. I would order broiled marrow, because I know he'd be down for that. 

Where do you go to find new recipes? 

I've spent more time on Pinterest than I care to admit, but I've discovered so many great recipes and blogs that way! It's inspiring to see how many variations there are of a single dish. I also get a ton of recipes from my mom. (Of course, when I try to recreate her dishes, it never tastes as good as hers.) 

New reads?

BoingBoing has really great book reviews and has never let me down. Reddit's r/books is super helpful, too. And of course, my friends always have really good recommendations. 

Tell us about your blog — the inspiration for it, why you blog, and what your favorite aspects are.

Delicious Chip started as a creative outlet. I worked in digital media for a long time making copies of copies of commercials — it had its moments and paid the bills, but I've always been a creative person. The blog became my little escape. It also got me in the habit of writing and taking pictures frequently. And of course, I wanted to become a better cook, so why not document it and have fun in the process? 

My favorite aspect of my blog is the photography. We feast with our eyes first, so no matter how well I describe a tasty steak, my readers need to see it for themselves. It's a fun challenge setting up shots and styling the food just right. It's also neat seeing a visual record of my culinary journey from amateur cook to still-learning-but-a-lot-more-confident cook. 

What are your favorite blogs, and why?

I love Lola Lobato for her photography, Amateur Gourmet for his humor and Show Me The Curry for their awesome recipes. Vah Reh Vah, a comprehensive site by chef Sanjay Thumma, is pretty awesome as well. His enthusiasm about food is so sincere and contagious. Does vlogging count? Because My Drunk Kitchen and Food Wishes are my new YouTube obsessions. 

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