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The TBR List: June 13

I'll keep it short because I have just one highlight to share from this week: I was on TV for the first time on Thursday discussing a big story I reported on last week. If you're interested in learning about sexism in the tech industry and particularly in Chicago — or if you just want to see me behaving professionally — you can watch the video here.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled link programming.

- Addicted to coffee? You might be able to blame your parents, for once.

- Hooray — mocktails are gaining in popularity. I'm a big fan.

- OMG, Lupita is going to star in the film version of AmericanahCue excited freakout.

- The word "bookstore" often conjures an old and cozy image. Maybe we should modernize that.

- The Guardian did a deep investigation into the practices surrounding prawn production in Asia and came back with some horrifying results. Please read this if you're a shrimp-eater.

- If you're willing to pay $11 for toast, we need to have a talk.

- Do we really need a connected smart scale? Pretty sure my basic scale tells me when I've measured correctly.

- Speaking of which...this smart cup is just too much.

- These are the 12 food books you should read this summer.

Elizabeth Strout's "The Burgess Boys" & Spiced Tilapia

Elizabeth Strout's "The Burgess Boys" & Spiced Tilapia

At The Table With...Lee Ann Whippen of Chicago Q