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The TBR List: June 6


I got this crazy popping corn from the farmers market this week. It looks like the sort of thing you'd see in a Thanksgiving cornucopia or a wreath of some sort. The kernels are hard as rock but firmly attached to the cob. To cook, you put one corn cob in a paper bag (I used a grocery bag because I didn't have anything smaller) and microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. When I took my bag out, most of the kernels had popped but the rest could not be saved.

This time, I seasoned the popcorn with olive oil and sea salt. I wonder what interesting combinations I could try next time; what herbs, oils or other seasonings can I drench the plain kernels in? And do you think filling the bag with the seasoning before popping could help coat the popcorn immediately? 

I never expected to be so inspired by something so silly as a cob of corn, but why not?

And now, the links!

- The Langham Hotel in Chicago is offering high tea for 15 cents in honor of its 149th anniversary. Uh, sweet.

- A smart herb growing device for windowless kitchens? I need this.

- This is what it's like to write a novel while incarcerated.

- The type of thing I always bookmark and never do: pickle all the vegetables.

- So this is basically a Keurig for tortillas.

- Cartoons of the best bookstores in New York. The colors and the captions make me swoon.

- Earth patterns.

- Slate says adults should be embarrassed to read YA lit. Do you agree?

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