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The TBR List: Smoothie Talk


I've recently come to a realization: Smoothies are perfect. Duh, many of you are now saying. But I've only just begun to appreciate the ease and versatility of the smoothie. First of all, there's the whole just-use-frozen-fruit strategy, which means I'm not watering my drink-meal down with ice. Then, there's the ease of dumping everything in a blender and pulverizing it. Better than a one-pot meal! And if I'm feeling healthy, I can toss in some greens and feel like I did something right.

Usually, I use juice (most often of the orange variety) as the liquid element of my smoothie. I have a cute little blender that is great but because it's much weaker than, say, a Vitamix, it needs some liquid encouragement to get the job done. Today, for the first time, I'm trying coconut water as a less-sugar, more-potassium option. I went with an absurdly easy recipe this time, but I plan to get more creative as I better understand what works well with coconut water.

Do you have any favorite coconut water recipes, particularly for smoothies? Share them in the comments!

But first — the links!

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- Little Free Libraries are everywhere, and for good reason. They're adorable.

- Speaking of smoothies, I love this video over at Two Red Bowls.

- It must be really cool to know a celebrity made your recipe...and Instagrammed it.

- Well, of course swirling cake frosting looks easy when you do it like this. 

- Lick this ice cream and it. changes. color.

PS: I'm on Radio Islam tonight discussing my favorite post-Ramadan slash summer recipes from PAPER/PLATES. Tune in to 1450 AM at 6 p.m. Central to hear about my portable, no-heat-or-utensils menu that's perfect for picnics and rooftops! (I'll post the link later when it's online, too.)

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At The Table With...Cecily Gates of The Page Girls [+ Giveaway]