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The TBR List: July 11

Another week down. This one went faster than expected, a welcome change from an otherwise slow summer.

I finished Jean Kwok's Mambo In Chinatown this week. It's a modern day cross-cultural Cinderella story, and an easy beach read (though I read it mostly on my sofa). There were a number of things I liked about the book — namely the ease of reading — but there were also plenty of flaws. I haven't decided yet whether I'll recommend it in a pairings post, but I'll at least try to do an ATTW with the author. 

Speaking of ATTW, if you know someone who'd be a good subject for an interview, let me know about him or her via Twitter

Anyway, let's see this week out.


- There's a new kind of hot sauce out: green Sriracha.

- Book-inspired benches in London make for some excellent public art.

- I don't think I'd ever have the patience to decorate cookies this beautifully.

- A deep look at the art and beauty of novels' opening lines.

- I am very skeptical of the "drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day" claim, but I admit that proper hydration is important. I'll keep these tips in mind.

- "The Feminist Writer's Dilemma"

- A fascinating account of how coffee fueled the Civil War.

- I just got an ice cream maker and have a ton of strawberries. Should I make strawberry gelato or roasted strawberry coconut milk ice cream?

- It must be literary adaptation teaser trailer week, amirite? Here are the latest from Gone Girl [our pairing] and Mockingjay.

Asli Perker's "Soufflé" & Mini Chocolate Soufflés

At The Table With...Yuri Hobart of Bookswept