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The TBR List: July 18

As weeks go, this has been a tough one to be human. The news is even more full of horror than usual. From unthinkable violence and aggression abroad to unbelievable shootings in the streets of my own city, this has been a week during which paying attention to the news was as difficult as it was important. Global citizens that we are, it is our responsibility to our species and our world to know and care about as much that goes in it as we can. But since that isn't easy, we must also take comfort in the small pleasures around us.

For me, this week, ice cream has been a savior. The scoops above come from the first batch I ever made myself, a smooth treat dotted with fresh strawberry bits and globs of Nutella. In a cruel world, this is helping me keep sane.

For added distraction, here are some lovely links I found this week:

- I used this recipe to make my strawberry ice cream, and it turned out beautifully in my brand new (red!) Cuisinart machine.

- Author David Mitchell (whose The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet we've featured in a pairing) will release his next short story tweet by tweet.

- If you thought selfies were so 2013, you were wrong. This toaster can burn yours into a slice of break.

- This stainless steel teapot is designed to brew loose leaf, perfectly and in the most beautiful way.

- Over the past 8 years, 27 foods have been called "the new cupcake." Yeah, okay.

- Maybe I should try eating some of these stress-busting foods. Eggs, I'm getting in, but I can certainly up my dark chocolate intake too.

- Book covers before and after the movie adaptation. I'm sure you can guess how the "afters" turned out.

- Amazon is thinking of getting into the subscription ebooks game with a $9.99/month service. Update: The new service, called Kindle Unlimited, was announced today.

- Take a few minutes to appreciate this pop-up book, which uses light and shadow play to create a story.

- This has been controversial: A writer alleges almond milk is a waste because it's more water than nuts. 

- Some of the speakers for this year's Chicago Humanities Festival have been announced. I hope this will be the year I finally go.

- Here's an interesting idea: A grocery store co-op with 1,000 owners, aimed at connecting buyers to local foods.

- And to round out the list, here's Bill Hader, by the book.

Kellie Strøm's "Worse Things Happen at Sea" & Scallop Vermicelli

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