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The TBR List: July 25

  Dansk Kobenstyle platter . (Image via @ paperplatesblog  on Instagram)

Dansk Kobenstyle platter. (Image via @paperplatesblog on Instagram)

I love writing TBR Lists because they mark the time. With every list, I note another week and, today, almost, another month. This has been a big one for me because of Ramadan, which winds down this weekend. Challenging as this month of daily fasts can be, especially during long summer days, it is also a time of community and an opportunity for self-reflection. Plus, it leaves you feeling quite accomplished.

In July, I challenged myself to look inward, but in August I plan to force myself out. If there's anything Chicagoans know, it's how fleeting the summer is. Between traveling and fasting, I haven't been able to take advantage of it yet. That changes next week. I plan to go to farmer's markets, watch movies in the public parks, eat on patios and maybe even kayak on the river.

I'm feeling motivated to see July out on a high note. How about you?

And now, the links!

- I picked up this Dansk Kobenstyle platter recently and I feel 50 times more stylish already.

Travel and Leisure lists the most beautiful libraries in the world. Got your passport?

- This week in book-to-movie trailers: Fifty Shades of Grey. (Plus, our review and recipe.)

- Fabulous art: Paintings that use old books as the canvas. My favorite is "The High Sea."

- I also spent a gift card at Sur La Table last weekend. Serving bowl and tea towels, you are mine.

- This essay, "What Writers Can Learn from Goodnight, Moon" is so freaking delightful. 

- If I travel this fall, I want to do everything on this foodie guide to Nola.

- Speaking of travel, we're heading to Louisville this weekend for the Eid holiday. We'll spend much of it with family, but next time I want to explore the food scene.

- A Kickstarter to redesign the bestselling book of all time: The Bible.

- All these kitchen before and afters are just making me jealous.

- This rigatoni with caramelized onion and gorgonzola looks like a great work lunch option.

Sam Lipsyte's "The Fun Parts" & Sage Shortbread Cookies

Sam Lipsyte's "The Fun Parts" & Sage Shortbread Cookies

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