Gift guide: Foodie gifts that do good

The holidays are all about food. Other things, too, I guess, but if you're not thinking about cookies or hot cocoa or roasts, I don't know why you're reading this site. But as you enjoy treats throughout this season, it's important to remember those who cannot.

Gift guide: Bookish gifts that benefit charity

When I'm giving gifts, it feels extra special to be able to tell the person that the item I thought they'd love also helped someone in need. You too can give back when you buy books and other literary items for certain stores, if you know where to shop. Some places donate books, others give money to charities. And some will even let you choose which charity you want to support

8 luxe gifts for book lovers

Bookworms are humble — even their nickname implies a certain level of modesty — so gifts are the perfect way to treat them in ways they're unlikely to treat themselves. From functional to beautiful, here are my favorite bookish splurge (and semi-splurge) gifts for 2016.

8 whimsical gifts for foodies

So you're looking for the perfect gift for the fun-loving, food-loving person in your life. Sure, you could get them a gift card. But wouldn't a silly-yet-useful present be so much better? Here are my whimsical foodie gift ideas for 2016.

Book club guide: "Redeployment" by Phil Klay discussion questions and menu

This month, many Americans celebrated Veterans Day — a national commemoration of service and sacrifice. Phil Klay's National Book Award-winning Redeployment, is a perfect vehicle for continuing the conversation about war's impact on soldier, veterans and others. This moving collection of short stories will offer you dozens of discussion topics, and is sure to affect every reader in a different way.

Book pairing: "Redeployment" by Phil Klay & thumbprint cookies

This series of short stories — which dive into the minds of the American participants in the Iraq War — pushes the reader back, not onto her heels but deeper into her chair. Each account of a Marine's tussle with depression, each veteran's disconnect from the life he knew is another reminder of the cost paid by a few that is largely unknown and perhaps unknowable by the rest of us.