The TBR List: January 2017

What. A. Month. It hasn't taken long for it to feel like we're in a different world. With things changing so rapidly for us Americans it's easy to get caught up and temporarily forget that there's life beyond politics. But that's exactly what we should remember at any time: Serious events take place across the world every day — we can and should turn to the delights and lessons of food and literature to help us through them

Book club guide: "Rich and Pretty" by Rumaan Alam discussion questions and menu

Rich and Pretty is a thought-provoking book about friendship — which makes it a perfect read for a book club full of friends. You and you friends will wonder which woman in this typically complex relationship you are more like, and you'll probably realize that you identify with each one in different contexts. This fun and emotional novel is a perfect pick for a group of girlfriends who love to chat over brunch.