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Cool weather cookin'

Cooking with the seasons. Amelia Morris of Bon Appetempt | www.paperplatesblog.com

Amelia Morris is one of my favorite food bloggers. She's weird and funny and self-deprecating and, evidently, talented. So I was stoked to see her new book Bon Appetempt: A Coming of Age Story (With Recipes), out Feb. 3 but pre-orderable now, available on NetGalley*. I requested it Monday, started reading Tuesday and — even with a SOTU break — plowed through half of it in a single sitting.

As a regular reader of Amelia's blog, also called Bon Appetempt, I looked forward to the recipes and stories about how she came to be the food lover she is today. But I didn't expect her to write about her relationship (at times contentious) with her family, as well as the evolution of her bond with her now-husband, Matt. That caught me off guard, certainly, but it also endeared me to Amelia in surprising ways.

Of course, I'm still highly interested in Amelia's thoughts on food and look forward to delving more into them as I continue reading.

The early chapters of Bon Appetempt are tough, reading about her body image issues, the same issues a fortuitous genetic cocktail spared me. But when Amelia writes about how she learned to love food, and how she became healthier because of it, it feels like a real win. Truly. The quote above caught my eye because it's in a relatively early but nonetheless real phase of that love. It's such a natural sentiment — and a moment that any enthusiastic cook knows well.

Here in Chicago, there's plenty of time left for hot meals. But, come fall, I expect I'll be returning to this passage once again.

*NetGalley is a resource for book reviewers and bloggers to easily access digital advance reading copies of upcoming titles. I love it.

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"Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage" by Haruki Murakami & Orange Endive Salad