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The TBR List: Fall Cooking

The weather turned in a blink. Our building switched from air conditioning to heating, there are signs in the elevators asking residents to sign up as trick or treat stops and socks have worked their way back into my wardrobe.

This is the time that I looked forward to all summer — a time when bumping around my little kitchen with a blaring stove or humming oven would provide finally welcome heat. But between my vacation last week and a professionally challenging-yet-rewarding few days since my return, my microwave has been my most-loved appliance of late. The closest I've gotten to cooking is throwing together the pantry meal above, which combines cooked egg noodles, sliced onions, frozen peas and kale, Parmigiano Reggiano, and these genius frozen basil cubes. Also #butterlapse.

I hope to properly get back into the kitchen next week, but in the meantime I'm dreaming of apple desserts, risottos, pot pies, slow-simmered sauces, baked potatoes and more. What do you think I should make when I get back in the kitchen?


- Kids tasting fancy food.

- Literary Starbucks is literally perfect.

- I like to think of The TBR List as a mini articles club.

- Blanket season is here. I'm eyeing this cable knit beauty.

- Speaking of cozy (weren't we?) this chair is a reader's dream.

Paperbacks and hardcover still outsell ebooks. Which do you buy?

Ina Garten's Instagram has exactly the pictures I would expect it to have.

- While I was vacationing, the New York Times apparently decided brunch is for jerks. (I disagree.)

- Pasta and eggs is one of my favorite solo meals. Stephanie's version is more labor-intensive but I'm sure it's worth it.

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