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The TBR List: Flight

The TBR List: Flight

How excited are you for the weekend? I have a bunch of things planned but it's the spin class I scheduled for Saturday that's got me most excited. It'll be my first time spinning, and I'm two parts terrified to one part stoked. I hope I don't throw up. If you see me crawling out of Flywheel that evening, please, look away.

Hope you have an excellent fin de. Here are some links I enjoyed this week:

- The big news: Harper Lee has a new novel set to publish in July. Of course, some people are saying the aged and reclusive author may have been forced into releasing the To Kill a Mockingbird sequel. But Lee released a statement saying she's "happy as hell" with the reaction to Go Set a Watchman. 

There's no such thing as "Indian food." Because Indian food varies greatly depending on the region. I wish Westerners could understand this. 

- Roald Dahl's tragic story about his daughter's death by measles. Painfully relevant in these stupid times.

- BJ Novak in speaking in Chicago on Feb. 15. Check out my review of One More Thing and get your tickets!

- Looks like s'mores Oreos might be happening. But wait, I haven't yet gotten over the red velvet ones.

- A great quote on feminism via Bookswept's Yuri Hobart.


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