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2015 Gift Guide: Last-minute edible gift ideas

2015 Gift Guide: Last-minute edible gift ideas

Well, well, well. Cutting it close, aren't we? To be honest, I don't celebrate Christmas so I don't feel much pressure at the moment, but I did want to offer some fun, affordable, do-it-yourself edible ideas for gifting now or anytime.

We've shared DIY ideas in the past as well. Here's one roundup, and here's another. You could also do some transportable pairings, such as this one for a cookie mix in a jar or this spicy herbed salt mix.

Here are some more fun ideas, for good measure:


Make a big batch of fudge — and for brownie points, try making chocolate, vanilla and peanut butter varieties like this author did. I love that this requires no baking (though you will need a candy thermometer and a large pot), and that you can mix and match the colors to make a beautiful checkerboard gift.


Whip up a slab of almond brittle. If your parents are anything like mine, they love nuts and crunchy, munchy snacks. This almond brittle is fairly indulgent (did someone say "butter and sugar"?), but lasts a long time so they won't feel obligated to eat it all at once. Hand it over in a sweet tin, wrapped in twine.


Create a spice starter kit. Grab some cute, empty spice bottles and fill each with your favorite spices. Skip the red pepper flakes and go for more interesting options such as cardamom, pink peppercorns or five spice powder. And don't forget dried Italian classics such as basil, thyme and oregano!


Stir up some homemade Nutella. Because your best friend deserves the best, choose his or her favorite milk chocolate and get to work grinding it up with hazelnuts and some other special ingredients. This delectable spread should last up to two weeks on the counter, but I bet it'll be gone before the holidays are.


Perk yourself up with some espresso-flavored sugar cubes. You know how fancy coffee shops use coffee ice cubes to cool your drink? Take it a step further with these four-ingredient sugar cubes. If you're feeling nice, you might even choose to share. Go on, you deserve it.

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