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The TBR List: Nick Dunne

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We saw Gone Girl. We loved it.

Everyone I know who's seen the movie — whether they've read the novel or not — has felt the same. Most of my friends agree that the movie did an excellent job capturing the tone and spirit of the book, although some scenes were (ahem) embellished and some details omitted. By and large, the Gone Girl movie is an excellent adaptation of the novel.

(Side note: Mariam did an awesome pairing of Gone Girl and blood orange caramels that I highly recommend you check out.)

The one point of contention I've encountered centers on Nick Dunne, one of the story's two central characters. His wife, Amy, is the titular girl who goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. Nick is immediately and widely suspected/accused of being the cause of her disappearance.


Did anyone else find that Nick was much more sympathetic in the movie than the book?

He admits he's not a good dude. We know this. Yet in the movie, I found myself forgiving him for his strange nonchalance about his missing wife, for his indiscretions. As my husband observed, "He had flaws, but they were really normal flaws that so many people have." The same cannot be said for Amy.

Maybe it's the Ben Affleck effect.

My take's a little different: Nick was a bad dude — a bad husband — who got stuck with an impressively vindictive wife whose crazy overshadowed his misdeeds. Amy definitely overreacted, but he still deserved some degree of punishment. Of course, Amy's way of teaching Nick a lesson was brilliant at best and psycho at worst.

That, I guess, is the limitation of film. Amy's overt revenge tactics come across brilliantly, but Nick's internal evil is mostly hidden away. You get a lot of Nick in this movie (a whole lot) but not enough to make you hate him. It doesn't kill the movie, but it's a loss.

At the end of Gone Girl the book, I felt like Nick and Amy deserved each other. At the end of Gone Girl the movie, I couldn't say the same.

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