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The TBR List: Sweet

Wishing you a sweet weekend.

We live in a neighborhood that's more convenient than charming. But whenever I feel a complaint coming on I remind myself of the things that make me forget about jungle of high rises surrounding me. Like how easy it is to stop at a bakery for dessert on my way home from work, then meet friends at a gourmet donut shop the next day to swap books. By the way, those conveniences factor strongly into my plans this weekend. I hope yours will be similarly sweet. 

Here are some of my favorite links from the week:

- An introduction to literary food blogs. Including Cara Nicoletti of Yummy Books, Nicole Villeneuve of Paper and Salt and yours truly!

- DIY quotation mark bookends. These don't look to hard but, then again, DIY is always tougher than it looks.

- Hemingwrite, a distraction-free typewriter. Sometimes I find not having distractions is even more distracting (#fomo). Know what I mean?

- People reading on the subway. This is like Cover Spy IRL.

- Would you re-cook an unboiled egg? A real question I asked a coworker this week.

- Best noodle restaurant trademark fight of the week. Chubby Noodle vs. Fat Noodle.

Image via Elias Quezada/Flickr.

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