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The TBR List: May 30

 Via @paperplatesblog on Instagram

Via @paperplatesblog on Instagram

Welcome to PAPER/PLATES, now hosted on Squarespace!

This was a stressful week. To make a long story short, let's say I didn't get as much blog work done over the weekend because of fun and after work because of a nasty cold. So when it came time to switch from Wordpress to Squarespace (a move long in the works), I had to do it hastily and made some errors in the process. Ugh.

Things seem to be pretty functional now, so I'm less concerned than I was before. A few recipes didn't transfer so I'm trying to replace them manually. (Thanks for being patient!) If you notice anything else that's wonky, please let me know. I want to fix all the kinks ASAP.

In other news, how about this new design, huh? I'm v happy with how it turned out. I hope you are too.

I'll link to that!

- Last night, when I was super stressed about this site being broken, I indulged in some pizza from Blaze (pictured above). It helped.

- I Am A Food Blog is Saveur's Blog of the Year. Heartiest congratulations!

- Remembering Maya Angelou in photos

- Reading Rainbow is baaa-aaack.

- Listen, I know this clip of a Spelling Bee contestant shouting "I know it!" before misspelling a word is mean. But it's the funniest thing I've seen all week.


- This water bottle has a cute little flag built into the cap. It pops up every hour to remind you to drink. I might need this.

- Thinking of making this Asian noodle salad for lunch next week.

- I like quinoa, but it can be boring. Here's one way to fix it. I'd add that cooking it in broth does wonders.

China Miéville's "The City & The City" & Layered Persian Rice

China Miéville's "The City & The City" & Layered Persian Rice

At The Table With...Phi Tran of Princess Tofu