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The TBR List: Donuts

Stan's Donuts in Chicago | www.paperplatesblog.com

Friday screeched up to us crazy fast this week. We, again, don't have too many plans. Dinner with my family tomorrow, brunch with friends on Sunday and plenty of time in between to find nice, spontaneous things to do. I'm looking for something that'll get my mind off the fog hanging over Chicago today and I keep drifting toward donuts.

I picked up the ones above the other day from our new neighborhood donut shop, Stan's. The "N" stands for Nutella Pocket. It was amazing. Last night, I stopped by Firecakes and got some minis, and now that those are gone, I'm thinking we should check out another spot this weekend. Maybe Glazed and Infused.  

I know I'm late to this trend. So sue me. Here are some of the most interesting things I read this week:

This Taipei bookstore is thriving. And it might be because it's open 24 hours and that's where cool kids spend their Saturday nights.

Wow. Americans now eat 4x as many avocados as we did in 2000.

Kobo, the e-reader company, can tell if you've finished your books. And it figured out that less than half of people who bought The Goldfinch finished it. 

These chocolates represent all the Japanese words for texture. They may actually be too beautiful to eat.

How to add plants to your kitchen. When I have a bigger kitchen — one with a window — a dwarf citrus tree will be the first thing I buy.

"It's Not Love, It's Just Paris" by Patricia Engel & Simply Delicious Granola

"It's Not Love, It's Just Paris" by Patricia Engel & Simply Delicious Granola

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