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The TBR List: Jet Lag

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Happy Friday! I'm heading back to the US tonight after five lovely days in Islamabad, Pakistan. The last time I was here, I was five years old and my most vivid memory of that trip is puking on the way up into the mountains. Charming. This trip has been different — it's my first time coming to Pakistan and not visiting my home city of Karachi, my first time here without my immediate family and my first time seeing a city that gives me hope rather than breaking my heart. This is a clean, lush, growing place. I only hope the rest of the country can catch up. 

Most of our time here has been spent visiting with family, shopping and, of course, sleeping. Five days is not enough time to get over jet lag, I've learned. 

I dug a bit more into On the Noodle Road, but the only real entry for this week's TBR List is this excellent analysis from the New Yorker that looks at what Gone Girl is really about. I highly recommend you read it. 

For the record, I intend to see the movie ASAP.  

Until next week,

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At The Table With...Izy Hossack of Top With Cinnamon