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The TBR List: Ramps

The TBR List: Ramps

So ramps are a thing now. Of course, I don't really know much about them except that they're the latest hot ingredient that people are picking up from farmers markets and wherever else you find wild leeks. I'm usually slow to hop on the popular ingredient bandwagon. It took me forever to try kale, and I've still never tasted a chia seed.

I noticed cauliflower was becoming a bit of a thing recently, and I was excited because that's something I've been eating forever. Ten points to me!

Anyway, I did a little research on ramps because I figured there's probably a reason people are all up in arms about them. I learned that their flavor is a cross between onion and garlic. They're expensive. The bulbs can be frozen, but leaves don't preserve well that way. Some sites recommend turning the leaves into compound butter, pesto or just sauteeing. Those frozen bulbs? You can pickle them or add them to soup. 

I'm interested in trying ramps, sure, but I don't know if I have the mettle to wake up early enough to hit the farmers market first thing. And I have a feeling my wallet isn't ready for a $20-bunch of greens yet either. Anyone want to go Dutch?

Here are some of the most interesting things I read this week:

- When I have a house, I'm making a vertical herb garden.

- The journal, or notebook, as a tool for creativity and introspection.

- How the California drought is affecting our avocado supply.

- How to eat healthily at restaurants.

- I've long suspected the Mediterranean diet is stupidly good for you.

- My next vacation might have to be to Yosemite.

- Pizza in the wild is the best art project ever.

- Swooning over the kitchen and living room in this home reno.

- I like this guide to the differences between North Indian and South Indian food.

- Beautiful, minimalist vocabulary posters.


Image via Brian Luster/Creative Commons

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