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The TBR List: Three

The TBR List: Three

All hail the three-day weekend! We're planning to go to the farmer's market, see Mad Max and hopefully spend as much time outside as possible. Let's hope the weather cooperates. And maybe I'll even start something on my summer reading list! What are your plans this weekend?

- This is how what we eat affects California's drought. My biggest offense is probably rice.

- Judy Blume's got a book for adults coming out in a couple weeks. Here's an excerpt.

- Have you ever thought of sautéing veggies with dill pickle brine?

- Adding New Zealand to my list.

- I would love to see an urban orchard in Chicago, but we'd need good weather for that. Grumble grumble.

- Asian food, Chipotle-style — ShopHouse is coming to Chicago.

Drought fixation

Drought fixation

What I want to read this summer