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The TBR List: Turkey Talk

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It's coming, guys. The turkey extravaganza of the year. But I'll be eating chicken.

Growing up, we always went to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving and she always served chickens. Yes, several of them. That's just what most people in my family like.We also had a number of sides, some of which I had no idea weren't traditional. Sure, there were mashed potatoes but there was also always my uncle's mushroom in cream sauce. I can't describe it better than that because I never thought to ask what's in it.

Thanksgiving is about eating, not talking.

I tried cranberry sauce for the first time only a few years ago, when another of my aunt's cooked us a Thanksgiving feast in the summer. She needed us to know experience a traditional Thanksgiving.

Last year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my in-laws. The spread featured Thanksgiving fare (including a monster turkey, pictured above) and Pakistani favorites. Next week, we're heading back to my aunt's house, to the Thanksgiving I grew up with. I look forward to our non-traditional traditions. What are some of yours?


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